Art, Money, Passion, and Life

        Have you ever started up a conversation with someone you just met, and in trying to get to know this person better, you ask what his or her passion is?  I have.  The striking thing is that at least half the time, people tell me they either don't know what their passion is, or they don't have one.  Like most people, I went to school when I was a kid, learned about whatever they told me was important, never questioned why, and figured this is what we do - this is how we are prepared for society.   Sure, teachers promised us that that "We can be whatever we set our mind to" and to "Follow our hearts," as though it's a matter of time before discovering our purpose and start forging our own path, to find our bliss.  While that seed may have been planted, we're left to figure out for ourselves exactly what that entails.  Well, ideally we figure it out...  

        I feel lucky to have music as a passion of mine.  It clarifies my purpose in life and contributes to my identity of who I am as a person.  It's beyond a career for me, it's a vocation.  The flip side to all of this is that it's necessary to be practical, and it's no secret that the life of a musician can be TOUGH financially.  And yet, I persevere in this field.  It's who I am.  There are certainly times I second guess my commitment to this.  But it feels right to me.  I've tried to do other things, I  worked office jobs for a few years, but after testing the waters there, found myself back in music.  It's where I plan on staying, despite the challenges that come along with the territory of my decision.  As Mark Manson wrote in his blog, 

find what you love and let it kill you.  While it sounds over the top, this is an attitude I've grown to embrace as a way to live.


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