"But I'm Not a Musician!"

Every once in a while, when talking with other people about music, someone says something like, “But what do I know, I’m not a musician,” meaning, “I’m not trained in music to really pass judgment on this song.”  On one hand, I can understand why someone would say that.  On the other, however, as a musician myself, I don’t think my opinion about music is more valid than anyone else’s.  I know that the vast majority of my audience aren’t musicians.  I, like most musicians, play music for myself - because I enjoy it.  Sure, it’s great when my music is appreciated by other people, but I don’t care if they’re musicians or not.  Like any art, some people will like a song, and others won’t.  But whether or not you’ve studied music doesn’t matter!  So go ahead, voice your opinion, even if you haven’t taken ten years of piano lessons.   

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